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Is Membership required to see Dr. Szczepanski or other staff providers?

Initial consultation and any testing and results ordered during that visit do not require a membership commitment.  However, following this initial process, we ask our patients to choose a membership level that best suits their needs.  Initial testing gives us the valuable tools and pieces to your unique puzzle that allows our practitioners to provide individualized care for your health and wellness journey. 

Can SoWell providers serve as our primary care physician?

Dr. Szczepanski is a board-certified family medicine physician with post-graduate certifications in Nutritional and Genomic Medicine.  She was trained traditionally and practices using a layered approach of both traditional and naturopathic philosophies so she can serve as your primary Care Provider.


We offer this service only to patients ENLISTED in our primary care and wellness concierge plans. As long as you are active with our clinic as a concierge patient, you may list us as your PCP. If you are not under our concierge plan, you will need to select an alternate clinic to list as your PCP.

Can I change my membership level?

Our membership levels are designed to be flexible.  Dr. Szczepanski leads our team of experienced providers to ensure you develop a positive, meaningful relationship with any level of membership.

Can I use my insurance?

SoWell does not contract with medical insurance plans for in-clinic primary care services. We are committed to having a profound doctor-patient relationship, and a third-party payer often undermines efficient and thorough care that is wellness focused.


Dr Szczepanski practices the Reformative Medicine ™  Approach which seeks to understand the individual as a whole and applies many forms of therapy to improve wellness. This is best practiced without limitation from third-party payers.

Do I have to purchase supplements from your office?

While we do not require you to purchase our supplements, it is important to understand that not all supplements are created equal. Quality is up to the manufacturer because of limited regulations regarding manufacturing. Certain companies are more careful about quality, sourcing of raw materials, consistency of dose from batch to batch, the use of active forms of nutrients, not using fillers, additives, colorings, etc.  We confidently offer high quality, trustworthy nutraceuticals.  We  are also happy to customize your regimen according to your lifestyle and offer suggestions for brands that we trust.