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KidsWell Program

Every child is created in such a unique way! We believe that their healthcare journey should align with the uniqueness in which they were created. Our state of the art gene based nutritional medicine takes the guesswork out and allows for a clear plan to best optimize their health journey, getting to the root cause of health concerns instead of simply treating the symptoms.

Available at all NuWell Clinics

Personalized Pediatric Care

$600 Consult Includes

  • Consultation with Lauren Hernandez, MD
  • Full review of history, wellness assessment, and current concerns
  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Personalized Creation of KidsWell Pathway

*Discounts are to be applied same day as membership enrollment

What to Expect?

Initial Appointment & Follow Up

Initial consult & follow-up on all results. Nutrigenic options, including vitamins and supplements, are tailored to each patient and further supported through custom-built wellness pathways.

Nutritional Genetics & Food Sensitivities

Testing to create wellness plans that are customized to each individual based on their unique DNA.

Gut Analysis

An in-depth report of the entire gut at the cellular level, assessing the DNA of organisms living in the gut providing insight into the patient’s unique microbiome.

24/7 Wellness Team & Support

Provides patients with comprehensive pediatric care and exclusive wellness services in a personalized and patient-centered environment.

Get Started

Embarking on a journey to improve your health can be a daunting task, but it all starts with one small step. By filling out the form, you are taking the first step towards a healthier you. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals by providing personalized plans that are tailored to your individual needs. By sharing your information with us, we can better understand your unique situation and develop a plan that is customized to your specific needs. Don’t wait any longer to start your health journey, fill out the form now and take that first step towards a happier, healthier you!

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